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We propose Drupal 8 theme and distribution, offering a direct and ease of use. They are built with Bootstrap 4 and SCSS files are provided.
Drupal is the most powerful CMS under GPL license on the market and Bootstrap the most powerful CSS framework available, it guarantees that your website is perfectly displayed on any browser, device or operating systems with high performance and customization possibility.

bfd base distrib

A distribution is a preconfigured Drupal solution offering specific features. BFD - BASE distribution is designed to ease the media publication and management of video, audio, image, social media, document. It is also designed to ease the integration of Bootstrap dynamic presentation. All those tasks are done within forms in the administration interface, no HTML knowledge is required.
Integration of Bootstrap dynamic presentation like a carousel, tabs, accordion, modal box and table is also done with forms.
It contain a HTML5 multimedia player with playlist supporting:

  • Local video Codec : mp4, ogg, ogv, webm.
  • Remote video Provider : Youtube, dailymotion, vimeo.
  • Local audio codec : mp3, aac, ogg, flac, oga, wav.

bfd commerce 2

We will propose commercial platforms with Commerce 2 distribution built with the latest Bootstrap. In the same spirit as all of our product : Fully featured and ease of use out of the box. There will be specific distributions for each type of product: Software, physical good, service, events. Each type of product will have a specific checkout flow and delivery configuration.